Papers accepted for HEALTHCOM 2014 and PRIMA 2014

Members of the lab will be presenting papers in IEEE HEALTHCOM 2014 in Brazil and PRIMA 2014 in Australia. The papers are as follows:

  1. Kafali, O, Schachtle, U & Stathis, K 2014, ‘HYDRA: a HYbrid Diagnosis and monitoRing Architecture for diabetes’ Paper presented at 16th International Conference on E-health Networking, Application & Services (Healthcom’14), Natal , Brazil, 15/10/14 – 18/10/15.
  2. Kafali, O, Romero, AE & Stathis, K 2014, ‘Activity Recognition for an Agent-oriented Personal Health System’. in H Khanh Dam, J Pitt, Y Xu, G Governatori & T Ito (eds), Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems – 17th International Conference, PRIMA 2014. Springer.

Work for both papers has been supported by the EU Commodity12 project.