Interested in joining dicelab?

We are looking for people with a strong scientific interest in Distributed Systems and Artificial Intelligence, especially in developing models, tools and techniques that can be applied in practical applications. We expect people who wish to join the lab to have experience and a strong background in modelling, computational logic and to be able to program in Python frameworks and libraries for ML, symbolic AI languages such as Prolog, and mainstream languages such Java, Scala, C++ and related frameworks, including web-service technologies. A publication record in good quality journals/conferences and commitment to carry research in the thematic areas of the lab, will also be an important consideration.

Postdoctoral researchers

The lab currently has on Postdoc position which is advertised here.

If you plan to apply for your own postdoctoral funding through national or international funding bodies, we may be able to define a research topic of common interest. In this case we will need at least a few months notice, so that we can collaborate with you in developing a proposal that would allow you to carry out the research in our lab. Use our contact details here to discuss such a possibility further.

Postgraduate Students

We have a PhD position open at present, which is advertised here.

PhD and MSc by Research applicants who wish to join us should have a good degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Electronic Engineering or a cognate discipline.

Use the online system to submit your application. In your covering letter, indicate your preferred theme of study (if you have one) and give an indication about why you want to study here at Royal Holloway with us. PhD applicants who have a preferred theme, please include in your application a 4 page proposal discussing the motivation, aims, objectives, and proposed plan of the envisaged research. Your proposal should also contain the most relevant literature of the proposed thematic area. Please contact us here for more details.

Undergraduate Students

If you are an enthusiastic undergraduate student with excellent programming skills and you wish to gain experience with development work in the thematic areas of the lab, you may be able to join our lab in a specific ongoing research project. In this case, we expect you to show professionalism and put serious effort in all the work you will carry out. Please contact us here for more details.