HYDRA was presented at IEEE HealthCom'14

The HYDRA architecture paper was successfully present by Ulrich Schaechtle at HealthCom’14 in Brazil. The work has been supported by the Commodity12 project. Read Natalia Díaz Rodríguez’s report of the Turku Center for Computer Science from here.

Papers accepted for HEALTHCOM 2014 and PRIMA 2014

Members of the lab will be presenting papers in IEEE HEALTHCOM 2014 in Brazil and PRIMA 2014 in Australia. The papers are as follows: Kafali, O, Schachtle, U & Stathis, K 2014, ‘HYDRA: a HYbrid Diagnosis and monitoRing Architecture for diabetes’ Paper presented at 16th International Conference on E-health Networking, Application & Services (Healthcom’14), Natal , Brazil, 15/10/14 – 18/10/15. Kafali, O, Romero, AE & Stathis, K 2014, ‘Activity Recognition…

Digital business technologies dominate the emerging technologies hype cycle…

According to Gartner 2014, digital business technologies dominate the emerging technologies hype cycle, for more details check this link.

Workshop on Decision Making and Forcasting using Big Data

Event Processing, Forecasting and Decision-Making in the Big Data Era (EPForDM) EDBT 2015 Workshop March 27, 2015 https://cer.iit.demokritos.gr/epfordm Workshop Aim The Big Data era has posed a number of challenges in applications related to event processing. In particular, the data volume, velocity and distribution necessitate the design on new scalable approaches for the efficient and timely processing of the produced data. The lack of veracity in the handled data/events further…

Ranking of programming languages

Get the article from the IEEE Spectrum review from here.

Best student paper award

dicelab PhD student Bedour M. Alrayes wins best student paper award for RECON: a Robust multi-agent Environment for simulating COncurrent Negotiations, Alrayes, B., Kafali, O. & Stathis, K. 2014 In Seventh International Workshop on Agent-based Complex Automated Negotiations (ACAN).

21 technologies that will decentralise the world

Across the planet, new technologies and business models are decentralizing power and placing it in the hands of communities and individuals. Continue reading

AAMAS 2014 Results


CONAN results

Conan Results